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Discover the power of Short Term Rentals to accelerate your journey to Financial Freedom

  • Are you tired of the golden handcuffs in medicine, and would like to cut back, save more, or simply feel like you’re moving forward financially?

  • Are your traditional rentals wearing you out… all that work, only to net enough for a fancy dinner for two? Or worse, dinner for your property manager?

  • Have property prices skyrocketed, leaving you unable to find cash-flowing real estate deals where the numbers “work”? 

Physicians all around the country are tapping into Short Term Rentals to fuel their journeys to financial freedom!

  • Generally higher revenue than traditional rentals
  • A strategic play to cut down your W-2 taxes even if you don’t qualify as a Real Estate Professional
  • Amenable to interesting techniques that allow you to profit without BUYING.

Listen, it may not be the best thing since propofol, but I may argue it’s pretty close!

Listen in from multiple physicians and other experts in the Short Term Rental space,

As they share “clinical pearls” for acquiring and maximizing profits from short-term rentals.

Learn to:

  • Pick a location
  • Analyze deals for profitability
  • Mitigate Risk in your portfolio
  • Fund STR deals

You'll also learn

  • How to profit from the STR market WITHOUT buying property
  • Managing your rentals remotely
  • Furnish like a Pro, without blowing your wallet

One tip you get can add tens of thousands to your bottom line before the year is over

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Tom Dittrich

An ER physician with a family background in hotels and wedding venues, founder of, and host of the Doctors Investing Group Podcast

How to Analyze a Deal in 5 mins or less

Neil P. Shah

Musculoskeletal Radiologist based in NJ and one of the radiologists for the NY Jets.

A Profitable Pivot to Short Term Rentals 

Elaine Stageberg

Psychiatrist, mother of 3, and real estate investor. Owner of Black Swan Real Estate and Black Swan Living Property Management.

 Rental Arbitrage from a Landlord's Perspective

Kate and Victor Mangona

Kate Mangona, MD - pediatric radiologist and certified life coach
Victor Mangona MD –  radiation oncologist and tax code enthusiast

House Hacking to 5-figure months

Daa’iyah Cooper

Physician educator by formal education and training

Creatively Financing your Cash Flowing Empire

Ian Cook and Lauren Ihde

Ian Cook MD: Emergency Physician, Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine
Lauren Ihde MD: Interventional Radiologist

Lifestyle Design using Short Term Rentals

Letizia Alto and Kenji Asakura

Drs. Letizia Alto and Kenji Asakura are physicians, real estate investors and bloggers at Semi-Retired MD.

Risk Mitigation with STRs

Saumya Kumar

An adult endocrinologist, a mom of two young boys and now a real estate investor.

Taking the leap, Even in a Pandemic

Alvin Cavalier

Owner Your Space LLC and 4-year STR investor with over 125 short term rentals around the country.

Supercharging Profits with Other Shared Economy Platforms

Rachel Gainsbrugh

HealthCare Professional by day and Real Estate Investor by ‘night’.

Luxury rentals, Meaningful Income

Sabitha Setty

A Pulmonary / Critical Care specialist in the Sedona, AZ and founder of The Unorthodox Doc.

Self-Managing 5 STRs as an ICU doc

Jeff Chisum

A top 1% Loan Officer in the United states, specializing in 10% down financing for vacation homes / STRs

Financing your STR

Bunmi Agboola

An Allergist in the Washington, DC area. She got started with STRs in 2013, as a resident in Chicago.

 Cashing in with Room Rentals

Christina Tran

An Emergency Medicine Physician in Long Beach, CA with an eye for design. 

Designing for Top Dollar

Kristi Klee

A busy mom of 4 kids, hospitalist, wife to intensivist and both work shift work, business owner, short term rental owner, entrepreneur, mentor/coach.

Maximizing Short Term Rental Profits

David Draghinas

Anesthesiologist, Short Term Rental specialist, and Host of the Doctors Unbound Podcast. 

Marketing Gems for High ROI

Lisa Pathak

Med-Peds Physician, and mobile home investor, with heirloom rustic Cabins in the Pocono mountains!

From Mobile Homes to Rustic Cabins

Alisa Muniz Crim

 Pediatric Gastroenterologist with STRs in multiple markets. 

Expanding your Empire: BRRR to BnB

George Ozoude

Orthopedic surgeon in the Houston area 

 From Syndications to STR

Brandon Hall

Certified Public Accountant, national speaker, and is the Founder/Managing Partner of The Real Estate CPA

 Talk about Tax STRategy

Parameshwari Baladandapani

Subspecialty trained Radiologist who built a multi million dollar real estate portfolio that helped her become Financially Independent and retire this year at 41.

 Boosting Portfolio Returns with STRs

Amy Hung

Mom of 2 young kids, Primary Care Physician, Long distance Real Estate Investor

A Pediatric Anesthesiologist, Real Estate Investor, and the founder of SavvyDocs in Real Estate

For five years I built a portfolio of profitable rental properties, buying, rehabbing, and renting properties she bought. Last year after getting pulled from work, I went on a journey to find a model that would help physicians ramp up cash flow fast. I started rental arbitrage and secured ten short-term rentals in 3 months. Seeing the diversity of sub-niches in the short-term rental space, I've decided to share the word! With this conference my goal is to inspire and empower you to action, whether you’re starting, pivoting, or scaling your cash-flowing portfolio.

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